About Mandy


I have been interested in photography since my school days but never took a REAL interest in it until I attended a 6 week night course at "The National College of Photography" in Hatfield Pretoria. After that first course I did another 4 courses as I was TOTALLY hooked.

I have been taking photographs for clients for 9 years now and really love what I do. I'm in to people photography. My main focus areas being kids, families, mom's and babies and weddings.

I do both studio work and "at home" shoots. I find offering clients the service of coming to their homes to take the pictures is something that keeps them coming back and gives them the natural relaxed photo's they are looking for.

Pictures define a moment in your life that you want to look back on with happy memories and that is what I try and capture with my pictures.

Photography Equipment

Cameras: Nikon D700 Nikon D90

Lenses: Nikkor 18-105mm
Nikkor 18-200mm
Nikkor 85mm F1.8
Nikkor 50mm F1.8
Sigma 70-300mm

Flash: Nikon SB900 Speedlight

Other: Polaris Light Meter